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Lynn Lilly

August 21, 2019

Business-to-business marketing has changed in revolutionary ways in recent years. With the rise of social media and the ability to find information on virtually anything and anyone on Google and YouTube, business customers bring some of their consumer behavior and expectations to B2B interactions.  

One of those expectations is that a brand is more than simply features and benefits. B2B buyers want to know the values and ideals behind them. They are interested in purpose-driven companies they can identify with, trust and build a relationship with.

If you're looking to build a purpose-driven brand, these three core principles will help you build a winning strategy.

Define Your Purpose.

Purpose-driven branding for a B2B company has to be authentic and built on fact, so you’ll need to dig deep. To help clarify your purpose, brainstorm your brand strategy with the following questions: Why do we do what we do? What drives us as a B2B company? What do we hope to gain from this conversation with B2B customers? Do our goals mesh with our brand's identity?

When a B2B company begins with a clear vision of purpose, you’re well on your way to a successful brand strategy.

Communicate clearly.

Communication is key to reaping benefits from purpose-driven branding. Once you’ve clearly defined what your brand is and what it is not, make that your yardstick for all communication – from print ads to the web to social media. Your communication guidelines should include what your brand stands for, what topics are on-target (and maybe what’s extraneous).

Streamlined B2B communication planning and communicating it across your organization keeps everyone on the same page and assures the B2B customers get a clear, consistent message.

Make an Emotional Connection

Yes, even in B2B, emotion matters – because B2B buyers are consumers too. Allowing customers to see where their identities and visions intersect with yours provides powerful emotional connections.

Think about how tone and voice convey your message — are you teaching, proud, adventurous, no-nonsense? And remember that the graphic approach — sleek, powerful, edgy, heroic — communicates your brand without saying a word.  

When customers can see similarities in outlook and goals, that sense of shared identity and relationship gives you a competitive edge.  

Forging Respect

Since 1927, flourish client Wright Tools, the last American-made tool company, has stayed committed to making some of the highest quality tools available. In a world of big-name tool companies, Wright remained the go-to choice for the hardest working professionals in the industry. Working with flourish, Wright dug into the values that define them, the purpose behind those high-quality products. And together we developed a purpose-driven brand strategy built on pride in work and forging respect – a message with authentic resonance in their target B2B audience.

Check out the top-to-bottom B2B branding for Wright Tool – from a catalog to photography, website to social media to company swag.

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