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flourish turns XS into XXL.

When UTEES set out to be the big tee on campus, they made flourish their BFF. With a complete rebrand, UTEES had the biggest personality on campus. With a sales force on 250 campuses nationwide and growing, the company needed a fully custom e-commerce site with robust fulfillment capabilities. We helped make that process seamless.

So, popularity contest… we win.

We gave 'em the bird.

Our discovery process uncovered an opportunity in the art selection stage. The solution? We helped UTEES improve their design process to drive trends and help them become an industry leader.

Styled by you

We’ve leveraged the user-generated content available through UTEES’ super-strong social game to create a socially curated shopping experience.

Real students being real

The secret to UTEES’ strong peer-to-peer business is the campus manager community. Actual students spreading the word and the UTEES love.

This book is seriously AMAZING! What a game-changer for the company. This is how we take UTEES to the next level!

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