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flourish unites a city.

Over 105 years, United Way of Greater Cleveland built an undeniably rich history of supporting those in need, but their connection to their audience had lost its authenticity. flourish stepped in to boil away the noise and non-profit politeness, sharpening and re-energizing their story. After developing a refreshed brand that is both fiery and direct, we built a digital-first media strategy to reach a new, younger donor base.

The result? A powerful call to action for our city’s most vulnerable.

The campaign to unite a city

United Way’s brand is widely recognized, but few know why they matter. Adding to this problem is the widely held misconception about what poverty really looks like in our city. The Cleveland Unites campaign educates on the effects of poverty in our city while leveraging data to illustrate United Way’s impactful response.

A digital-first approach

We accessed multiple data sources to build hyper-tailored profiles for reaching a new audience base. We then based our programmatic buy on deep audience data to create the most efficient and effective campaign, increasing awareness and building short-term and long-term connections for the brand.

United Way’s core contributors give within the workplace, but the annual campaign to reach them had lost its focus and edge. flourish clarified communications and redeveloped over 50 assets for the 2018 launch.

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