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flourish keeps safety cool.

For over 80 years, National Safety Apparel (NSA) has helped workers get home safely with their fire-resistant (FR) and protective workwear. When this legacy brand needed help bringing attention to 3 of their most innovative brands, flourish turned up the heat. We brought cohesion and consistency to the brands while driving consideration through print and digital campaigns and in-store merchandising.

And NSA remains safely top-of-mind.

Sworn to defend

Military grade industrial wear that’s born on the battlefield and trusted by the most high-risk industries, DRIFIRE high-performance FR offers protection where and when it matters most.

Protecting comfort

TECGEN FR garments stand up to arc flash and flash fire hazards without sacrificing comfort.

Noticeable protection

Tough environments call for durable gear that doesn’t compromise. VIZABLE FR features flame resistant Hi-Vis PPE (personal protection equipment)

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