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flourish raises the bar bar.

One of the fastest growing startups in the region, GoodGreens, the only bar to deliver 100% equivalent of daily fruits and vegetables, brought a new product to an over-crowded category. We helped the company secure a healthy dose of traffic, trial and sales, courtesy of a rebrand, refreshed strategy and revitalized web presence. By streamlining package design, media strategy and building a uniquely scalable website to accommodate growth, sales went up 17% in a quarter. The brand has continued to fortify its market position by regionally outperforming Clif and KIND bars’ combined 58 SKU’s with its humble 10.
Oh, and GoodGreens found distribution in the top 3 national retailers. Delicious.

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The combination of bold color, restrained design and original mouth-watering photography allow Good! to prevail on a crowded shelf.
Good! is a mindset that drives everything you do. Good elements, good practices, good community. Good is everywhere. Whether you can see it or not.


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