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flourish fills seats, CSU fills minds.

In a category where brands separate themselves by prowess and distinction, flourish helped Cleveland State University transition from a school of convenience to a school of preference. Over a 7-year full-service partnership, the “Engaged Learning” campaign told and sold their story.

CSU: Welcome Center

flourish helped breathe new life into CSU's welcome center, which transformed it from a place students would walk through to a place students would actually want to spend time in.

Record Breaking Enrollment

While working with flourish, CSU experience a record freshman enrollment compared to the last 4 years, an 18% year 1 increase in freshman enrollment, and a 90% overall enrollment increase over 5 years.

CSU: Campus Branding

When CSU needed to unify all of their buildings, all of their signage and all of their buses and walkways, they turned to flourish.

CSU: Gallery Opening

With CSU artists getting more public recognition, it only made sense to open up a public art gallery on campus, so CSU turned to flourish to help make sure that the grand opening was as impactful as possible.

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